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Hey people, anyone still hearing me?
We Are Uchiha by Just4Sasuke
We Are Uchiha
Okie dokes - so.. before the code of honor of the (new & old) Uchiha Clan, little side-note:
So Ayame (my OC) managed to save a couple of other kids and two elders and ran away from the Village. They took residence (thanks to Itachi's guidance) in one of the old Uchiha Hideouts where they found (over the years that lead to the 4rth War) other Uchiha that had married outside the village and moved. And so Ayame slowly became the 'somewhat leader' of a 12 + person gang.. It was good enough though. Because of the war, everyone eventually awoke the Sharingan (and nobody held a grudge against Konoha.. hehe.. coincidentally, Ayame managed to save the ones that were against the coup d'etat).
So on to the description of this little thingy:

    "We live by honor and love.
We fight, not because slaughter brings us pleasure, but because others need us to be strong.
    We give our lives to protect what we cherish because the pain of the loss destroys us.
We love honestly, purely . . deeply.
    We are Uchiha, a clan cursed by hatred; but we overcome the curse through love!
We are PROUD!
    We are POWERFUL!


Irelevant dialogue -->

:icontobiramaplz: : Who are you? The Uchiha were supposed to be extinct.

Ayame : I am the wife of the Clan's late heir.

:iconhashiramaplz: : Nice to know, though we have bigger problems.. the Infinite Tsukuiyomi being the most urgent.

Ayame : Shodai, one of our elders sees what is currently happening in other dimensions, though, unfortunately, she can't do anything regarding the Infinite Tsukuiyomi. We need to bring back Madara in order to take the genjutsu down.
It's been done by Just4Sasuke
It's been done

"It’s over now.. you don’t have to go through with the plan.. Shisui did it..”

So Sakura met up with Danzou instead of letting Shisui meet up with the old bastard, and after a strenous battle, she defeated him. Shisui did his job and used the Kotoamatsukami on the clan, so they changed their desire for a coup into one for peace and Konoha’s safety hippy-talk.

And the Uchiha Clan survived and everyone was happy - except for Obito. The war was still on baby XD



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Born and raised in Romania.
I hope to travel the world, right after I graduate from university, that is.. or maybe, maybe even during it.

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